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      Jack Crandley started Silver Horseshoe Stable 48 years ago. Jack always loved horses and spent many years working on a horse farm. This gave him the dream of one day having a horse and maybe even a farm of his own. Many years later, Jack followed his childhood dream and bought an old run down farm house with a small barn on a 4 acre lot. Through hard work and determination, Jack turned the farm house into a beautiful home for his wife, Dolores, and their six children, all while working two jobs. Jack's dedication finally paid off and within no time, he purchased a few horses. 

      As time progressed, Jack expanded his services and began boarding other people's horses. A few years later, Jack's only daughter, Susan, began to ride competitively. By the time Susan was sixteen, she was teaching other people about horsemanship, along with classes on how to properly ride a horse. Susan's lesson plan and riding instruction program took off. She found herself with a thriving business that catered to many regular customers.  
      Several years later, Richard, the youngest of the family, started working around the stable and helping with the care of the horses. Richard began to compete and eventually found himself working full time for the family business. Susan decided to relocate her family to Virginia, and Rich took over the training and teaching program permanently. The Silver Horseshoe Stable legacy continued as Rich finally bought the business from his parents in 2008.
      Today, Rich, his wife Kim, and oldest daughter Rhiannon are keeping Jack Crandley's dream alive as Silver Horseshoe Stable thrives. Rich's wish is for his children is to keep Silver Horseshoe going once he retires. Silver Horseshoe Stable has been a Milford, CT landmark for over 45 years.


In beloved memory of John "Jack"  and Dolores Crandley,

God Bless. 1925-2009. 1938-2019.

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